Red de Leon · Photographs

A discarded and destroyed piece of furniture on a sidewalk showing the fabric and wood frame
A sleek vintage sports car covered with a tarp, parked on a wide sidewalk next to a parking lot with a fence
Still life of a Chanel handbag with sunglasses, passport, cash, and a gun, on a table
Two dried flowers laying together on a white surface
Shiny loose, gold sequins arranged in a form of a skull on a black background
Close up of see-through high-heel boots with a mesh pattern
Red and turquoise high-heel shoes on a red floor
Sculpture of Pan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Discarded flower petals scattered on the ground
Shadow of a small tree on a sidewalk, with white flowers at the base
Earrings made of various silver and gold links, pinned to a white wall
Orchids, seemingly abandoned on a street corner
An abandoned yellow couch on the sidewalk, with a cloth cover draped over it, only partially covering the seat and resting on the ground