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Red de Leon · Photographs

A discarded old couch falling apart
An old sports car covered with a tarp
A handbag, a fake gun, a stack of fake bills, a passport, and sunglasses on a table
Two dried flowers, intertwined
Gold sequins on a black surface
A ball of spikes on a necklace
Miu Miu high heels on a red floor
A small marble statue of a satyr at a museum
Discarded flower petals and a small plastic bag on asphalt paving
An old red chair witha torn cushioned seat revealing green foam inside
A small plastic gold cherub on a white wall
A street tree with a dark shadow casting on itself and small white flowers at the base
An earring made up of several small chains hanging from a large loop
A golden door without door handles
Orchids sitting on a street corner sidewalk
Jewelry hanging on small, white tree trunks inside a room
A discarded yellow couch with a white blanket, on a sidewalk